Preserved in anger

they say a moment, a day , a year, a lifetime can be bestowed in amber
But elected moments find your emotions just
Preserved in anger

She said that she would and sure she could and yes she should
Said i incurred the hurt
such a jaded man
i took her soul which made her whole
And though I take your soul with no remorse
The lack of you makes me
And that angers me to the enth degree
I am angered
I angered in a world i don’t know
I’m just preserved in anger

my mind is not right, the thought of you in the distance
My heart is chastised , aching with desperate pangs of pain
You said you cared, you bared you stared at me but with a blank look
As if what we had was nothing but looking in a mirror and seeing no reflection
You leave me without answers without response, without a goodbye
you leave me Confused while preserved in anger

Chapters are turning, with new days in front
Remove from me the thought of her
Her feckless soul her naked sense her duplicity
She left me preserved in anger
But I shall go on


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