Monthly Archives: September 2012

A Late Passeggiata

The light of night, the soul of the stroll

A late passeggiata , the shoal of console


The preach on the beach, the hand in the sand

The shells were pastel, my heart did expand


The elation of constellations, the care in the air

The time was sublime, the fare did we dare


A moment was spent, the touch was just such

A kiss that was missed, a nudge that was judged


Left a smile for a mile, a warmth in the heart

A thanks that is frank, a wish to impart


Dear angel may you dwell in the prime of your time

Remember the ember of a soulmate in crime


Autumn Moment

Oh how I shall remember

That bright autumn day

The sun was radiating a brilliance

Upon the little school café


Before me a woman

Pristine and pure

She like no other

An amazing allure


 The banter began light

Yet spiritual in tone

It cast me away

Into reflections unknown


Earth angel she said

A messenger from the Lord

My daze became hazed

She just struck a chord


Myself confused and befuddled

I listened with intent

The words from her lips

Led me to assent


She offered her guidance

A wish and a prayer

To a soul that’s been lost

And a life so impaired


The kindness she bestowed

The magic she unleashed

The belief she empowered

A new soul thus released


I thank thee dear angel

For softening the torment

How I shall remember forever

That brief autumn moment


On a lonely tree the leaves are gone but there you begin
Silently, slowly you start to open
Come cocoon show your colors
Transform before my eyes into a blinding sight
How do you do what you do?

Change the weather
Change the measure
Change my atmosphere
You are my butterfly
And oh so dear

Do your butterfly effect
Circle me in fantasy
Are you quantum
Lorenz said you touched the tip
Your wings kiss my lip

You are so intricate, so intimate
You make that butterfly effect.
Your wings change the night
Don’t distill all the light
You have that butterfly effect.

Your movement in the sun…..oh youre the one
You blossom into color
let the show begin
you create the graces and the sins
You cause change in the world
With a flap of your wings

You do the butterfly effect

Change the world oh
I’d love to change the girl
Her butterfly effect
Be my butterfly
You are the butterfly
Do you dare to change our world?

Change the weather
Change the measure
Change the atmosphere
Be my butterfly
And effect me dear

Butterfly just fly fly fly