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Chapter 1

There was a place moons ago where to is fro, and up is down
and every square was perfectly round
Stars shone bright all thru the day,
as the moon and sun just loved to play
The sky seemed to twicker and flicker,
with colors of rainbows turning more quicker
Its rivers rushed with waters of warmth
running to waterrises, not falls, not creating a stormth
Flowing onto the mountaintops, in ponds oh so clear,
like drops without stops, really quite queer

We’re about to begin an amazing endeavor,
with the pages and stages, you may stay here forever

So welcome all to the world of Slamina, where to is fro and up is down
and every square is perfectly round.

Chapter 2

Take a journey with us with ne’er a map,
you’ll have so much fun you’ll need a brief nap
We trace the paths of those before,
and frolic in bucolic settings of lore
The grasses are blue, the trees gleaming in red
The flowers just tower in beds that just spread
They grew and they grew and blossomed anew
Every day in their way, they make their debut

The mornings are fostered with a blanket of fog
With shades and grades of colors in a bog
Of orange and chartreuse, apple juice on the loose
A setting of getting inspired by Seuss

As the blanket did lift maybe eleven or noon
Slamina came alive and it was only just June
The movement and groovement of what did appear
Amazes our gazes, there is nothing to fear

Chapter 3
Meeting the characters

The world of Slamina is very unique;
all shapes and all sizes, some young, some antique.
You may not have drempt them the way they appear,
but I know you’ll enjoy them, it will be quite clear

There is Gip and Gub an unlikely club,
who love to share a meal whatever the grub.
Kay and Kle, the bestest of friends,
strut the roads with the toads, on the straights and the bends
In the air do we stare, watching Barc and Retsbol, using claws
just because they fly better than paws
Perched on a tree, we see Gorf and Eltrut, who isn’t a mutt,
basking in moonbeams as they just strut

(Can you feel the breeze thru the trees but pul—leezze just don’t sneeze)

In the offing a game, yes lame none the same,
there is Supotco and Redips playing Twister in frames
With legs numbering sixteen between them, if they get real knotty, who’s ever to blame

In the distance, Tar and Nettik finishing their daily repast,
soon to play ride me slow, ride me fast, just make the fun last

The Dribs cannot fib, as they float in the pond,
swim sideways and byways, is she really a blonde
Warm water makes magic for their feathery fins.
They glide and they slide, like playing violins

Drazil , the Queen of the green may be mean it seems
but never as she leans in between her own dreams

And the king of the string, Redips now will sing with a ping;
but only when he wears the rings he brings (yea too much bling)

And there’s Raeb the knave, who lives in his cave,
cuz he hates to shave and bathe,
and though he behaves, he craves to be called Dave

Tibbar’s got ears he fears that near his rear,
and so he hears after he appears.
Guess that’s not too clear.

And then Mr.Redicap, whose flute may toot, quite cute with a lute,
but not with a flute cause that’s a hoot,
what a beaut as he wears a boot on his foote when he toots.

And so Regit and Arbez, the two with the stripes,
decide to type when smoking a pipe,
which get them hyped like Michael Stipe

The creatures and features Slamina inhabits,
love to play games, all the same, while learning good habits.

Chapter 4
Lessons taught, lessons learned,….

In the world of Slamina, there is a patina,
of rules, be they jewels or just tools lets go ask t-na

There sits Allirog and Surlaw, the guiders of grace,
within Slamina’s patina, a most wonderful place

Here lessons are taught and lessons are learned,
which makes our Slamina patina, a shade we all yearn

Surlaw, with his guff, which is rough yet not tough,
begins preaching his teaching like a cream puff
We have ten not eleven, not nine and not eight,
the catena in Slamina is to make us all great

Begin number one, you should muster your dreams,
believe in yourself, you are what you deem

Number two is to pursue your passions with passion,
whether that is scribing a book or designing a fashion

Three is a key, what you say about me,
should be kind and aligned or lock it with a key

Work hard number four, you are keeping the score,
but play for a moment, you don’t want to bore
Alive with number five, you must honor your folks,
your siblings and tiblings and teachers and blokes (well…)

And now Allirog’s turn for the final five of the ten,
he rises his guises intending to send
Some thoughts to Slamina, a wonderful place where to is fro, and up is down
and every square is perfectly round.

Number six has its tricks, as differences lend,
whether a Kle or a Kay, a Tar or a Tibbar, you all should be friends

Truth be told, the magical seven, no fibs nor jibs sold,
be honest, and modest, respectful not cold.

Otto or eight, no we cannot just wait,
suggest that we share what we have, with our mates.
More fun to be one of many a soul,
to give is to live rather living in a hole

Nine is just fine, everyday you should find
that a gesture of kind is good for your mind.

And ten is the end, simple fact of the day,
appreciate what you have, more fortunate than they.