Monthly Archives: August 2018

Remember the Moment

The light of the night, the soul of the stroll

The scale of the trail, a knoll of console


The time so sublime, new friends til the end

No care in the air, only moments to pen


A case to embrace, be it rhyme or a verse

Highlight what you write, a prayer or a curse


Your flight to Dolomite, no storm only warm

Remember the ember, a moment to transform


Exile any guile, disband all the labels

The elation of constellations, you’re scribing a fable


Make a moment to own it, a puzzle with missing piece

Now complete, quite discrete, provokes her release


Don’t deny the butterfly, a token of an omen

The touch was just such, a soul no longer broken


This dally in the valley, the heather and the feather

Your stand and your hand, are altering the weather


A lift of your gift, in this prime of your time

Needs a thanks that is frank, please continue to rhyme


So compose with repose, shining grace on your space

Lay missives and memories, forever to encase


Bask in your last days, what a wonderous time

A holiday distinct, ne’er forget this summertime


CM 0818



Breathe, little lady, breathe
And absorb the essence of your surroundings,
From mountain tops to lush valleys
Commune with the harmony.

You are in a place of repose.
Extend your limbs on a cloud of comfort,
Knowing you are consoled within and without.
Deflect the past, Reflect the dreams
Imagine you are at the pinnacle of mental ectasy
Where nothingness becomes your reality.

This journey has purpose.
You submit to it gracefully
It opens your eyes to the destiny
which sings inside you.

The Artist

Make the world your canvas, my love

Paint your passions

Author your hopes and dreams

Serenade those close, family and friends, with your incomparable songs of sagacity

You are truly an artist in so many ways

As you pen in spilling your heart

And give of yourself, you receive so appreciatively

The touch of your colors, many hues shining bright

Impart a unique charm and delight

And as you share, you absorb the virtue you help to create

Only to render further magic only you can deliver

Those fortunate to traverse your way, my artist friend,

Will be graced with a rainbow of love and life.

Be an artist.  Stay an artist.

Continue to sprinkle torrents of tints for which we are all blessed.