Monthly Archives: May 2011

Quintessence – An Ode to My Daughter

It was only yesterday you appeared to me
But you were the essence of quintessence
A dainty cherub, with a sparkle in your eyes
Filled my own with rivers of tears

As you grow, your beauty amazes
Your passion and warmth and laughter engages
That infectious persona touches those who you cross
Which will be etched for many many years

Your future will glow as bright as the sun
Brilliance will forever radiate
Dream large. Embrace all you can.
Do live, don’t just exist.
Don’t just touch the surface, feel the moment.
Hear well, but listen better.
And don’t just see. Observe with passion.

Mark today as another beginning
There are many chapters to write in the days to come
Which you will author in your own fashion
And know my love shall forever bound



Walking aimlessly down a path
Seems like I know what’s in store
Twists and turns become a mirror
Of what has only come before

Everybody just goes along
Feeling the joys and grief it brings
It’s just one chapter in the book
It’s just one song that we sing

You can turn the pages quickly
Or then do it quite so slow
But do what you do, as long as you turn them
As the chapters go

When your light is dark
And you need to see
Rely on a friend
Bring clarity to mystery

Stay in a place ever too long
Imagination could never be strong
Get out of the zone becoming a crutch
You hurt and hurt way too much
Embrace a hug, smother a kiss
Stop to think what one has missed

Time is passing, another chapter read
Becomes just history, a passage met
So fill this life with stories to come
And the endings not written yet

So you can turn the pages quickly
Or dwell on those that are slow
But do what you do, as long as you turn
Let the chapters flow