Which way

Is she coming or going

Or possibly just following her star

Her fate

A toe in one water

A hand in another jar

A goodness abounds for she is a giver

But she asks where to give

Who to direct energy towards

She is in search

She bestows a magic upon

Those whom cross her way

Touching evocatively yet ephemerally

Planting a seed

Hoping it grows

Into what she asks

But does she really want to know.

Is the direction important to her

Or is it just the motion

Dervish as it is

To keep a spirit frenetic

Waxing a word poetic

Remaining at times ascetic

She sits in her moment

Aspiring for clarity

For her next third

A good soul

She deserves what she has shared

Humanity, kindness, blessings

Laughter, tears, dreams and fears

And of course, a welcoming love.

Walk with pride even if the direction is cloudy

She will find her place, and her peace.


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