Remember the Moment

The light of the night, the soul of the stroll

The scale of the trail, a knoll of console


The time so sublime, new friends til the end

No care in the air, only moments to pen


A case to embrace, be it rhyme or a verse

Highlight what you write, a prayer or a curse


Your flight to Dolomite, no storm only warm

Remember the ember, a moment to transform


Exile any guile, disband all the labels

The elation of constellations, you’re scribing a fable


Make a moment to own it, a puzzle with missing piece

Now complete, quite discrete, provokes her release


Don’t deny the butterfly, a token of an omen

The touch was just such, a soul no longer broken


This dally in the valley, the heather and the feather

Your stand and your hand, are altering the weather


A lift of your gift, in this prime of your time

Needs a thanks that is frank, please continue to rhyme


So compose with repose, shining grace on your space

Lay missives and memories, forever to encase


Bask in your last days, what a wonderous time

A holiday distinct, ne’er forget this summertime


CM 0818


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