Autumn Moment

Oh how I shall remember

That bright autumn day

The sun was radiating a brilliance

Upon the little school café


Before me a woman

Pristine and pure

She like no other

An amazing allure


 The banter began light

Yet spiritual in tone

It cast me away

Into reflections unknown


Earth angel she said

A messenger from the Lord

My daze became hazed

She just struck a chord


Myself confused and befuddled

I listened with intent

The words from her lips

Led me to assent


She offered her guidance

A wish and a prayer

To a soul that’s been lost

And a life so impaired


The kindness she bestowed

The magic she unleashed

The belief she empowered

A new soul thus released


I thank thee dear angel

For softening the torment

How I shall remember forever

That brief autumn moment


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