The tide slides in and rolls out, calmly, gently

The water glistening, as there she walks along the shore

Her simplicity, her beauty, sparkling even brighter, I know there’s more

She has this mood, that attitude

She knows she would, that she could, why she should

Her vices become her verses

Her magic gives way to curses

She sinks men to their knees with just her ask of please

Can she be captured, enraptured? Such is her way,

Don’t know, as she is

Hiding behind the screen of life.

Like water, she is free; she’s a seashell, a natural beauty formed by nature

Pick her up, hold her close and you can hear the sound of the sea

Connect with her and she shares the movement of the water

And she flows with a rhythm unknown

As in sea, she is cold at first touch, but envelope yourself with her and you become one, your temperatures become the same, all is at peace.

She inhales your breath, you exhale your soul and we are one.

A lady of the water, creating jewels from the sand with the sleight of her hand

And like the sea, her calm can give way to storm only to form

A passion untold, with no end in sight.

One needs to grab on and hold tight, dismiss the fright

This child of the water, she crests like the waves, so one need be brave

To explore the patina of Cristina.


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