Sometimes in life there are moments one needs to be consoled. Life’s chapters seem to ebb and flow and not always in your favor. Trying to contemplate or resolve the issues or even the demons can be overoverwhelming. If you only have someone close to you. You sit and think, you feel and invoke. My family, who I love dearly, is remote, schools and homes miles and miles away. Yes they provide solace the mere thought of them, yet they are not here. Closest friends growing up, high school and college classmates, business colleagues, who you collectively shared your inner soul and so much more, just reflecting provides a level of warmth, or just hearing their voices on the phone (hopefully not text or email). Reaching out, while good, suggest that you’re in search of someone reaching back…hopefully and in the same manner as you. But those are so typical, and envisioned as consoling. But then there are other moments that can be ever more special and rewarding, calming the soul and warming the heart and that is when the consoling is actually here and now, physically present, where a hug or physical touch is the the preferred prespcription. When you can see and feel the consoled, words are not necessary. A hug or a wink, a touch or a kiss on the cheek by someone who is sheerly a mere proximate, at a time of consolation. I have been blessed with a console who was proximate at a time of a harrowing experience. Yes, it would have been nice to see my brother, sister, kids, even close friends as I remove myself from the carnage of a crash. And then she was there; no words could have described the sense of calmness with the first hug, and hearing that it was good to have me alive.

Being close to someone can mean so many things and I don’t believe we play enough emphasis on the power of proximity. The ability to touch and be felt, to hear the sound you deeply listen too, to see the clarity of your vision, all incredibly enhanced by the proximity of the person. I could not have asked for more during the ordeal. Consolation in 3-d, high def, with the wind blowing and the warmth of a hug, blended with sweet words. Not to echo the famous CSNY song “love the one you’re with”‘ but there are moments of magic and yes consolation, being at the place of your consoler. I do honor my consoler, whom made my moment of challenge, more bearable and placed me at ease. She has been and truly is a special one in my heart…for being there. My dearest, much love for being there.


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